The options for furnishing a home are vast, catering to every taste, from rustic to contemporary, traditional to industrial. Over recent years, industrial furniture has gained popularity, particularly metal industrial-style pieces. These furnishings are not only stylish but also durable and suitable for home use.

What Is Industrial Design?

  • Furniture with sharp, crisp lines made from metal, leather, or wood
  • Color schemes with black, greys, tans, browns, and creams.
  • Accents that have a vintage look, like retro appliances, wall clocks with an antique feel, marquees, and light fixtures with a manufacturing feel
  • Soft fabrics with little or no patterning
  • Open-concept room with exposed architecture, masonry, and high ceilings

Industrial Style Material

Metal furnishings and decor often take center stage in industrial-style settings. While unpainted wood suits some furnishings, like kitchen islands, entertainment centers, and dressers, metal can also be incorporated into various styles. From bar stools and headboards to furniture, metal is a preferred choice, especially in matte black or polished dark grey.

When designing an industrial space, consider using metal wall art, furniture with metal feet, shelving units with metal frames, and light fixtures with exposed bulbs. The key is to blend materials to create an industrial look without appearing too clinical, such as combining metal chairs with leather seats and distressed wood tables.

Why Should You Rely on Industrial-Style Furniture?


Metal industrial furniture can enhance the modern and stylish ambiance of your home. With sleek lines and an unfinished, raw appearance, it complements minimalist or traditional decor. You can find metal industrial furniture in various finishes like black, bronze, and silver, providing options to match your home’s decor.


Durability stands out as a significant advantage of metal industrial furniture. Metal, being a robust and resilient material, can endure heavy wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas in the home. Unlike wood, metal is less prone to scratching or denting. It also exhibits better resistance to moisture, environmental factors, and other elements that may damage different types of furniture. With proper care, industrial-style metal furniture can last for many years.

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