Home exterior enhances curb appeal but is also essential to keep away elements and even intruders. Sidings are available in variety of materials and choosing the correct one is difficult. 

You need to consider several factors carefully. Even the guidance from contractors at a reliable Siding Contractors Bellingham WA can help you make an informed decision to enhance your home aesthetics and durability. 

Factors that can influence your choice


  • Heat & sun – Vinyl or fiber cement materials excel in hot and sunny areas because of their resistance to warping and fading.
  • Cold & moisture – Engineered wood or fiber cement material are better choices to traditional wood in cold climates with heavy rain or snowfall. 
  • Wind – In high wind regions metal or fiber cement sliding are sturdy options as they can handle the strong breezes. 


Siding choice influences the curb appeal, so consider the style of your home and choose a material that complements it. 

  • Traditional Charm – Wood, brick or stone veneers are classics that give an elegance look.
  • Modern appeal – Fiber cement or metal panels have clean lines, which display a contemporary look. You can get a customized look because they are available in various colors and styles.
  • Budget – Costs differ from one material to another. Vinyl is the most affordable option, while cedar or natural stone is extremely expensive.
  • Long term value – Get familiar with the maintenance needs and lifespan of each material. Vinyl will seem cheaper upfront, while wood siding may need on-going maintenance, which increases long term cost.


Consider how much time and effort you will invest for siding maintenance? Wood needs periodic maintenance, while fiber cement and vinyl require minimal upkeep.

Local regulations

Some communities have building codes that define acceptable siding materials or colors. Check at the local building department to ensure your selection meets regulations. 

Types of siding materials

  • Vinyl – It is a budget friendly and low maintenance option. It is durable and popular. You can find vinyl sidings in plethora of styles and colors.
  • Fiber cement – You get the classic wood look, but with great fire resistance and low maintenance. It is more costly than vinyl but gives your home an elegant look.
  • Engineered wood – Recycled wood fiber is used to design engineered wood with enhanced durability. They are less prone to warping and cracking in comparison to natural wood.
  • Metal – Metal siding is durable and resists well to insects rotting and even fire. It is more costly but modern metal sidings last a lifetime.
  • Stone – Stone’s durability and timeless look is matchless. It is the costliest option that also needs skilled installation.

The final touches

  • Ventilation – To prevent moisture build up and potential damage to the siding proper ventilation is a must. You can discuss it with your contractor.
  • Trim & accents – Choosing the right trim and accents can escalate the overall siding look. Create a seamless design with the help of your contractor.

Choosing the right sliding for your home exterior needs careful considerations. Siding Contractors Bellingham WA is an invaluable resource as their expertise can ensure your home remodelling project successful. Your home’s beauty, value and functionality is enhanced and will endure for years.