It can be scary to begin a kitchen redesign. And that renovation job we took on for the first time was somewhat of a big one. It can be overwhelming to choose materials because there are so many elements and adaptations to take into account. 

That’s the enjoyable aspect of it! Let’s get started on your project right now with some serious pro advice on kitchen remodel that we’d love to share with homeowners. Thus, maybe you may steer your project on the proper path! 

Whether you’re simply giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint or completely replacing everything and starting over. With any luck, these pointers will enable you to choose wisely for your undertaking. 

How crucial is it to begin kitchen remodeling with your motivation?

Before buying anything or doing a demo, questions must be answered. Why is it that to determine the needs of your area, you and your contractor need to answer questions? Any renovation effort should begin with determining the “why.” 

It explains why you’re remodeling and the goals you have in mind. When it comes time to make decisions, writing down your “why” for redesigning a room will help you focus. Crazy tiling patterns, pricey equipment, and other similar distractions might cause us to lose sight of our initial objectives.

What is the first thing you should think about?

When updating, the most important item to think about is everything. Things don’t just fall into place when you start choosing things at random. Creating a list of all the decisions I need to make, from beginning to end, is where I always start. 

The list goes on and on and might include things like flooring, cabinets, worktops, backsplashes, sinks, appliances, fixtures, lighting, paint colors for the walls and ceiling, and even cabinet hardware! But the greatest spot to start would be your layout – check out for examples.

What is the most traditional or timeless stuff you can find?

Subway tile is a simple response. Marble is a surprising answer. Combined, they offer the best of both worlds! 

Avoid trying to create anything entirely new if you want something that is truly “safe” and classic! Marble countertops and stunning white subway tile are the only options. Alternatively, you may switch things up and install marble backsplash tile and spotless white quartz counters. 

What is the most common error you notice when individuals improve this space?

I would say that they became overly fixated on having a “white space” because their old one was dark. While you continue to desire yours to be light and airy, you also want some contrast in terms of materials, colors, and textures. 

Oversized pendant lights over an island are another common mistake I see, as they give the impression of being crowded and busy. From my perspective, the light is too little if it isn’t larger than your head.

What is the worst material to utilize? 

That’s simple, though, because I have marble in my kitchen! Don’t get me wrong, I adore the style, however natural stone scratches and stains. Before we installed our polished marble countertops, everyone warned us, but did we heed their advice? 

After years of chasing other people everywhere with coasters, we were able to make our marble surfaces as durable as quartz by using a UV coating solution – click this for your safety. Thus, if you decide to purchase marble, be sure you understand what you’re entering into. Quartz and porcelain are two more alternatives that have a very similar appearance.

Before beginning a kitchen renovation, what is a guaranteed “can’t reverse that” modification that consumers should be aware of? 

Plumbing is permanent once it is moved into the room. It is simpler if your home has an elevated foundation. 

Just before moving any plumbing, always ask yourself “Why.” Will the new floor layout achieve the objectives on your first list?

Why is it crucial to take resale into account?

Everyone has heard that the cooking area is the center of the house, and I believe this to be true. It is crucial for the value of a resale. Although it can market your house quickly, it won’t sell your house. 

In other words, if you’d like to get top cash for your property, you need a decent one. The positive aspect is that when you resell the property, you will receive your money back in full. Updated kitchens are in demand, and buyers are willing to spend more for a stunning and well-designed space. 

What one thing you should leave to the professionals and not do on your own?

The top spot on the list is shared by electrical and plumbing. It is necessary to obtain permits for each of these, and the work must be completed by certified contractors. These projects are done incorrectly, endangering the safety of the entire family. So don’t mess about either.

Which adjustment, if one was allowed to make one, would have the greatest effect?

The simplest method to make a major difference is to paint the cabinets. Repositioning them comes in second, and in some cases is less expensive than painting. 

This is the moment when a business arrives and replaces your worn-out drawer fronts and cabinet doors with new ones. The impact that this can have is astounding.

What is the most frequent issue you have encountered when placing material orders?

Assembly of appliances into cabinets is one of the most frequent issues I encounter. Appliances are often the final items to be installed in a kitchen renovation, but since the entire space revolves around them, they must be carefully picked from the start. 

Occasionally, goods don’t fit because the manufacturer’s specs, which are factory measurements, are a little inaccurate or deceptive. It is the most awful experience. So make sure everything is checked thoroughly and, if at all feasible, have the fixtures arrive before you begin building your cabinets.

Don’t Forget your Budget

First things first, allocate funds for renovations. Determine which features you most want—a dedicated food pantry, extra lighting, or more cupboard and drawer space—and then budget for those features.