With the weather improving, you may be keen to do some entertaining. Before you receive visitors, you should prepare your home. But how are you going to handle unwelcome guests? AKA unpleasant bugs like mosquitos, wasps, yellow jackets, and flies. How can you keep them from crashing the party? Finding an exterminator in Ashburn who offers effective pest control service can solve your problem of pests right away. 

Keeping the unwanted visitors out. 

Preparing to host a party entails ensuring that no unwanted pest visitors appear in or near your house. In addition to choosing a playlist and setting up decorations, you need to take a few precautions to keep pests out of the party. Bugs like ants are drawn to food crumbs, spillage, and unsecured trash. Start by cleaning your home a few days before the occasion. Preparing in advance also allows you to hire an exterminator if there is an infestation. 

The list of uninvited guests. 

Here are a few common pests that you will find in your house. 

  • Cockroaches 

They have been lingering around since the Jurassic Period, like small, uninvited dinner guests that never go. Have you heard the urban myth that cockroaches can survive a nuclear explosion? While there is no indication that they could, these creatures have a lot of persistence!

They like to operate in wet spaces under cover of darkness, particularly behind kitchen cupboards and appliances. Keeping your kitchen clean is vital for keeping them there, as is strategically sprinkling boric acid to send them fleeing to the nearest bomb bunker. 

You may also combine flour, baking soda, and sugar. Place a good quantity on a big plate, baking sheet, or even a piece of cardboard and store it beneath the sink, appliances, or cabinets. This delectable treat ensures no more unwelcome night crawlers. 

  • Rodents 

These awful rodents can get through even the slightest holes and crevices, leaving their mark (and droppings – disgusting!) everywhere. In fact, a rat can squeeze through a nickel-sized hole, whereas mice can fit through a dime-sized hole.

They are drawn to food and water supplies, as well as nesting sites, so they plug tiny holes with steel wool. To hold the steel wool in place, use caulk or spray foam. To patch bigger holes, use a lath screen, lath metal, cement, hardware cloth, or metal sheeting.

  • Ants 

They march in like a unified troop. The ultimate picnic crashers are drawn to the aroma of sweets on your table, kitchen counter, and pantry.

A combination of vinegar and water sprinkled along their routes serves as an effective eviction notice. Alternatively, blend scented peppermint oil with water and sprinkle it near access points to repel these little trespassers. It also works well on spiders, and as an added benefit, your home will smell amazing, too! 

Get the help of a professional. 

While there are many effective DIY pest control methods out there, nothing works better than a professional. If you have unwanted pests, call a professional pest control agency today!